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The seven fold also creates a nub you can easily push up to have the cup pop open.

To perform the seven fold first squish the cup flat. Take one side of the rim and bring it down towards the base of the cup. The cup should then look like a "7." Once inserted, push the rim up into place which should cause the cup to pop open and create a seal. 


Fold the cup in half twice. Insert the cup then squish the bottom to pop the cup open. Make sure the seal is made by running a finger around the cup to make sure the rim is popped open. This fold can sometimes be deceiving. 


The origami fold is similar to the punch down fold, but with more paper folding experience required.

Push the rim of the cup in to the base of the cup. Take the top right of the cup and wrap it around the part of the rim which is tucked in. Once inserted, squeeze the base to pop the cup open.