Use & Care

How to Use a Prism Cup

Brace for impact! Not really, but expect the journey to be a little rocky if you are a first time user. Insertion and removal become easier with practice. It is not uncommon to have the "first time cup user panic attack." However, always try to remain calm since your muscles tense up with panic and stress. Tense muscles make insertion and removal more difficult. 


1. Sanitize your cup and wash your hands thoroughly. 

2. Fold the cup. There are many ways to fold, some of which are explained on our "Folding Methods" page. Hold the fold firmly between your thumb and forefinger in one hand.

3. Use your other hand to spread your labia and insert the cup into your vagina. Relax your muscles and use water based lubricant if necessary to ease insertion. Even wetting the cup with some water can help. Push the cup up until the whole body of the cup is inside.

4. The cup should open and form a seal with your vaginal walls. To ensure the cup is open and sealed properly, pull softly on the stem and confirm there is no movement of the cup. If the cup moves easily when the stem is pulled softly, a seal is not properly made. Remove the cup and try insertion again. If you are still experiencing issues, please read our "Tips & Tricks" page, or Contact Us with your specific questions.


1. Wash your hands thoroughly.

2. Pull gently on the stem until the base of the cup can be reached.

3. Pinch the base of the cup until the seal is broken and continue pulling down on the cup.

4. Remove the cup from your vagina and pour the blood into toilet or sink.

5. Rinse the cup with clean water or wash the cup with a mild, unscented soap before reinsertion.

Keeping Your Cup Clean

When taken care of properly, your Prism Cup can last you up to ten years. Proper maintenance of the cup is important for the lifespan of the cup and for your safety when using the cup. It is recommended to sanitize your cup before every period. Mild, unscented soap can be used in between uses if desired. A quick rinse between uses is also acceptable. 

How Do I Sanitize My Cup?


Using boiling water and sanitizing tablets are the most effective way to sanitize your cup before each period. There are a couple ways to do each method.


1. Use your stove top. Fill a pot with enough water to cover the whole cup and bring it to a rolling boil. Boil for 5-10 minutes making sure the cup does not touch the sides or bottom of the pot. The cup can be inserted into a whisk to assure the cup does not touch the pot. Let the cup cool before handling.

2. Use your microwave. Fill a microwave safe container with enough water to cover the cup plus about one inch. Place the cup stem down into the container. Microwave the container on medium heat for 2-4 minutes. Let the container cool completely before handling.


Sanitizing tablets and bags used for baby bottles and breast pump attachments can be used to sanitize your cup. Follow the instructions on the specific product.